White Glove Janitorial Service

Because the details matter

So you wanna join us?

Do you have what it takes?

Good news! White Glove Janitorial Service is currently hiring.

“Janitorial Mavericks Wanted!

Are you a veteran or a disadvantaged individual who finds solace in a clean and organized space? Do you believe that a spotless bathroom is a work of art? Then we want you!

We are a janitorial company on a mission to brighten up the world, one bathroom at a time. And we need your help!

Responsibilities include:

  • Scrubbing, buffing, and polishing until every surface gleams
  • Turning trash into treasure (or at least a tidy dumpster)
  • Being a beacon of light in a world filled with messes


  • A strong work ethic that would make even the grimmest grime respect you
  • Reliable transportation (we can’t have you bailing on us when the going gets tough)
  • A sense of humor (because cleaning can get pretty funny)
  • An appreciation for the therapeutic benefits of cleaning (who needs a therapist when you’ve got a mop?)


  • A fulfilling job that makes a difference in people’s lives (and bathrooms)
  • Flexible hours so you can balance work and play
  • The chance to work with a team of janitorial superheroes
  • The opportunity to unleash your inner cleaning ninja

If you’re ready to join the janitorial revolution, send us your resume and a funny joke about cleaning to [insert email address or contact information]. We can’t wait to hear from you!”

Experience a clean workplace

Make it Right Guarantee 

Let us know that we messed up and how we can fix it. 
Seriously, we want to make it right.
We will credit your account and let our cleaners know so that it won’t happen again.