White Glove Janitorial Service

Because the details matter

Who we are.

White Glove Janitorial Service was founded because I knew I could do better for myself and that I could teach others to do the same.

I have taken my military training and applied to running the business and growing my team.

When I was in the Navy I cleaned a lot. After awhile I found catharsis in it. I share this healing technique with as many as I can.

I seek the talents of other veterans to help build my team. I understand their talents reach beyond attention to detail.

I seek the assistance of those who need help the most. I understand that sometimes a second chance makes a difference.

Experience a clean workplace

Make it Right Guarantee 

Let us know that we messed up and how we can fix it. 
Seriously, we want to make it right.
We will credit your account and let our cleaners know so that it won’t happen again.